Melanie Haberkorn wants her photography to be artistically expressive. She quotes: 'Unlike linear art like prose, poetry or music, a photograph displays everything „at once“ but can still send the viewer on a little journey to gradually discover what the picture is really about. I find that this revelatory process can be quite powerful emotionally.' The complex creative process from idea to finished picture is a most joyful and intensive experience to Melanie. Her favourite works are composite pictures and advanced manipulations that may mean hours of painstaking detail work but that can lead to a zen-like state of mind.


Melanie Haberkorn is a graduate of the Photo Academy Cologne. After working as a criminal defense attorney she decided to study photography in 2013. Her works have been awarded prizes in international competitions and published in professional journals. 


Melanie Haberkorn lives and works as a freelance artist in Cologne.